The following is a detailed explanation on how to set up an S3 bucket as file storage in a Django project.

What you need to have:

  1. An AWS account
  2. A Django project that needs a file storage system
  3. pip install boto3
  4. pip install django-storages

1. Set up an S3 bucket:

First we need to locate the S3 tab on the Amazon dashboard. Then click on “Create bucket”:

This is the third part of an 8 part tutorial building an event-driven, serverless Slack Bot. You can start the series here

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

In this section

If we don’t have them already we need to set up accounts for Slack and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We also need to install the toolset which will enable us to easily configure and deploy our lambdas.

Lastly we’ll deploy the first version of our gateway lambda and get it talking securely to Slack.

Installation and configuration is never easy so this part may be a tad lengthy but I’ve made each step as explicit as I…

This is the second part of an 8 part tutorial building an event-driven, serverless Slack Bot. You can start the series here

Before we do anything let’s get some idea of the application we’re going to build.

  1. Our user ‘Cartman’ types “@pokebot abosol’s abilities” into a group channel on Slack. I chose the name Cartman simply because the user graphic I found online reminded me so much of Cartman from South Park. Abosol is the name of a pokemon and they all have different abilities…didn’t you know that Daddy ???!!!.
  2. We have to assume this is a busy group channel…

This tutorial covers the whys and the hows of building a serverless, event-driven, Slackbot that answers questions about Pokémon characters. Now that’s a lot for just one tutorial so let me explain…

What I love about coding is that there’s always so much to learn. What I hate about learning code are the endless code snippets. My kids build things out of lego blocks but I can’t build a useful application out of code snippets so I favour tutorials that give me a big picture. Big pictures are big, they take time to complete (and far longer to write). …

Now where do I put all that complexity ?….

This is a prequel to a series of articles and tutorials in which we share our experiences building bots and deploying them within serverless applications.

It’s not hard to understand why anybody would want to build a bot but the role of serverless micro-services is a much less visible but no less important part of what we do. We’re a small team of data scientists & developers that punch well above our weight running a lot of production code for our clients and for ourselves. …

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